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[Pinned] Up comming NEW »Mounts, Fash, Flyers, Instances« 🐇

- - - - - - - - - - New flyers: - - - - - - - - - -
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[Pinned] How to use this section

Wondering about your app's process? Think you might've been lost? Going away and not going to be on the game? Want to make an update to your app? Or anything else? Feel free to stick a thread here (include your name!), see the example thread for, ...
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Headset conversation

Was talking with frozen about headsets and thought I name drop what I use. XD this is the ones I liked enough to replace the ear parts after they wore out. Still work pretty good with the replacement (difference is I can still hear my husband thew...
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Hello I am a 101 rb2 g16 seeker with +12 infinite longings and +12 chest but working on getting the rest to +7 in the next few days/week I’m at SS2 but have been questing heavily to hit TS
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name change

my name is now DarqObsession please make note
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I Miss you guys my account was deleted

RIP Sleepybyz 103 BM, xXSleepybyzXx 101 Archer, CattyBit 103 Veno, YummyHun 103 Wizard Guild Dynasty are accounts were deleted 😔 miss you guys
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Just to say hi to my favorite guild of all times

Hello guys and all the new players!I have quit 3-4 years ago and I returned y-day to see what going on with the game and the 1st look was the TW and I saw we have only 1 land.I wonder what happened and we are in this situation XD Hope you are all ...
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Application update/contact.

Hello,I have been busy for the past week or so and received an email in regards to my application. I will be available in the evenings in-game starting tonight. If there are any officers online, feel free to send a mail. Thanks!
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Altar of Saintess Guide

This is a new daily instance which needs to be completed in a full squad and gives you great rewards. After learning the instance with our faction and watching Biggy’s videos I decided to compile a full tutorial while it’s still fresh in my mind t...
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Just to say Hi

Hey guys who still remember me. i did quit pwi like 3 years ago, buy dynasty has been my home all the time. i just remember our website and was wondering if we still have it :P nice to see you all here and i miss you guys <3 who knows, maybe on...
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Sport I went poof

Foamy here:Hey Dynabs I'm just here to say that sorry I went poof on y'all and no word as I was unable to access the internet due to legal reason and I no longer have a laptop I'm hoping to grab one end of month to return to pwi missed y'all and h...
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I like Join faction db lvl 103 r8 up 3 Weapon g16 12+
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O like Join in faction db 103 r8 up 3Weapon 12+
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Joining Dynasty

Hello, I am a seeker, lvl 103 RB2. I wish to join your faction. Any officer I can talk with please about details?Thank you.
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Best time to play Tideswell from UK

Playing Tideswell from UK in the morning and want to know when is the best time to contact an officer ingame
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The Creative Corner 🎁

How to center by banner/signature?[.center] [.img overlay=true][./img][./center]GuardianScroll new forum signature/banner and avatar: BigCojones new forum signature/banner and avatar: m...
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Hey Dynabs! :D

Hey Dyna! Just wanted to share some foxes with Alca here. If you have more foxy pics, feel free to share as well! PS. Also since he's playing a veno now, veno books donations are very appreciated (send to Alca's mail pls) :PPS2. And hey GS, you po...
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My Balls for Arabianblade. xD

Arabian asked me to show my Balls, actually dare'd me to post them on fact site. So here it is: Balls
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Im part of the merger with vicious. I couldnt find an actual app to fill out. So a thread will have to do. :D
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