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Joining Dynasty

[Pinned] How to use this section

Wondering about your app's process? Think you might've been lost? Going away and not going to be on the game? Want to make an update to your app? Or anything else? Feel free to stick a thread here (include your name!), see the example thread for, ...
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Joining Dynasty


Hello I am a 101 rb2 g16 seeker with +12 infinite longings and +12 chest but working on getting the rest to +7 in the next few days/week I’m at SS2 but have been questing heavily to hit TS
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Joining Dynasty

Application update/contact.

Hello,I have been busy for the past week or so and received an email in regards to my application. I will be available in the evenings in-game starting tonight. If there are any officers online, feel free to send a mail. Thanks!
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Joining Dynasty


I like Join faction db lvl 103 r8 up 3 Weapon g16 12+
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Joining Dynasty


O like Join in faction db 103 r8 up 3Weapon 12+
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Joining Dynasty

Joining Dynasty

Hello, I am a seeker, lvl 103 RB2. I wish to join your faction. Any officer I can talk with please about details?Thank you.
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Joining Dynasty

Best time to play Tideswell from UK

Playing Tideswell from UK in the morning and want to know when is the best time to contact an officer ingame
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Joining Dynasty


Im part of the merger with vicious. I couldnt find an actual app to fill out. So a thread will have to do. :D
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Joining Dynasty


RB2 lvl 101 assassin. Astral sky 3. Spirit 420. G15-R8 gear APS Set up. 😊❤️
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Joining Dynasty

I want to join Dyna O_o

Someone invite me to faction, please :D
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Joining Dynasty

Be Apart of Cross Server TW

Last season we was introduced to the Dragon Conquest a 60 on 60 Cross server Territory war. Some had the experience, few still do not have knowledge of it. A pvp Faction Event with rewards of Dragon coins to exchange for 2 types of Dragon mounts, ...
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Joining Dynasty


I was filling out my application and mistakenly hit submit without all of my info filled out >.< Is there a way I can fix this please? thankies <3
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Joining Dynasty

Outside faction

Guys, I had a lot of fun with you going TW, NW and FSD; I really do appreciate you allowing me this with you.Many of my old friends have asked me to go with them and help them in their faction.I hope someday I'll be back with you if I may. ...
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Joining Dynasty

My way out .

My way out .I would like to thank the Lider for the opportunity to enter Dynasty, but my output is purely personal, because I could not get along, my English is terrible, and not knowing much of new instances, I'm ashamed to ask for help and I do ...
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Joining Dynasty

Application to Dynasty (10/2016)

Hello Dynasty,I applied (back) to Dynasty this month but have not been very active due to schoolwork. I arranged a meeting with an officer today (about this time) but unfortunately the game patch on my client is still updating =/ so I was wonderin...
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Joining Dynasty

new pc

hey all, just was off the last two days had to get new tower. I am up and running will be down loading arc and pwi after this note. I am looking forward to becoming part of dynasty and I hope to be able to help serve and make it more f...
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Joining Dynasty

Hi there

*Peeks in*I was feeling nostalgic today so thought I'd say hi.Glad to see you guys are still around and fighting.Its almost been two years since I quit so I doubt I'm remembered.But I do see a few familiar names here :)But keep kicking ass!Mita :)
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Joining Dynasty

Joing the family

Can an officer please go over my app thank you
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Joining Dynasty

can i join dyna pl0x?

im not op but im good at other stuffs
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Joining Dynasty


hi guys I just wanted to say ty for the interview today and I hope to hear from you soon about joining dynasty thanks
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