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For Ragic with love!!!

Some of you know me, some of you don't but anyway, today i made homemade chicken pie and Ragic wanted to see it. Feel free to drool too,Ragic come visit me and i'll teach you more kinds of pies to cook!!!
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Living & Traveling in a 1966 33ft. AirStream for the last 2 years....

Good to be Back!?! I missed spending time with Dynasty thru good an bad > LOL mostly Good. But the bad was good too...Hmmm Glutton for punishment I am. So many stories I have of my travels these last two years. I am so far out in middle of ...
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shrimps for wacky
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World Quest Items

So i'm currently looking into the world quest items. I'm pretty close to finishing a lot of the titles. Just thought i'd throw this out there incase anyone actually does it and gets any of the items. If you do happen to get any of them contact me ...
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Yo, wassup?

All goodwith y'all? I viewed some new TW vids on YouTube, looks like you guys powered up some. I was pleasantly surprised. Way to go! 😄
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Wheres Soul gone? D:

I bet none of you have missed me lmao, but in case you did....So it's safe to say I'm not on very much anymore, I literally am just checking in each day atm and attending svs/TW at the weekends and maybe NW.I've got a lot going on irl atm and am t...
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Internet at the New House - so excited!

Not the main reason I moved, but definitely tops the list of why I am excited to work/play after years of being on Comcrap Internet.$49.95 a month. Love you all can't wait to get back. Flying back tonight to pack up the old house and hopefully d...
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Faction,I am in need of 8 MoGs to complete my R9. I have heard we as a faction are selling some. Is there any way I can get them on reserve? I have the coin to be able to purchase them. Please let me know.
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Regards My Absents

Hello Dynasty , First to start off reason for my Absents , On Jan 29th , 2017 at 7:21 pm Some things changed not for the good or better . I went to work this day got off work and went and picked up my girls from my mothers that they spent the w...
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Just wanted to say Hi!!! WAVES!!!
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WTF I s Rexy doing Down there?!?!?!

Everything thought I was off my head when I said Rexy was chilling in the ground lmao
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Holiday Season slaves me

As you may...or may not have noticed, I have not been able to attend the last 2 weekends of TW or SvS, this is because my job slaves me during the Holiday season. Bare with me during this time of year! Sel can/will use my Wiz if requested during t...
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Hi everyone!!!I'm sorry guys if i have not come here before, to tell you about my absence. Besides being almost Christmas time, I have visit at home and I have no time for anything. So until Christmas and New Year, it will be hard to me to come a...
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Fortisima Sings!

Howdy all! I thought I'd share my new YouTube video... nothing too terribly fancy, but anyways... a little Christmas song for y'all :) do ya think?Fortisima
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Being Summon'd

Just lettin my Dynamites know thru weekdays starting next week you will hardly see me. I am beign summon by work and the hours i get will be out of this world. I will do my best to at least attend TWs/xtw but i doubt it will be constant.
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Dragon Conquest: Knights VS Dynasty 19/11/2016

Hi all Dynasty,first at all very good fight and thank you all for the fun war.Here the video fo the war:Knights VS Dynasty 19/11/2016This is my first war since i'm come back full deity, i was doing miracles to stay alive ehehe and as someone asked...
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